Club History

The members of the club are unsure of the exact date when the club was formed. A medal was produced for 1872 and It was thought this could be the date when the club was formed. One of its most famous members was Mr John Miller, known as Jock Miller of Larkhall. This gentleman was a cycle dealer who had a shop in Union Street In 1905. He won the record for the non-stop walk from Glasgow to Carlisle in 1907. He raced G A Alley with a bike he named "Laverock" and built himself. The race was from Land's End to John O'Groats in 1911. He won the Irish Cycling Race Championship on handicap but lost on time by 1 second in 1912.

He won a medallion of merit in the Stockholm Olympic Games Road Race in 1912. He also broke the Glasgow to Dumfries and back cycling record with a time of 8 hours and 55 minutes. Jock moved to Dagenham in 1935 and became famous for his collection of 70 cycles, including his own Penny-Farthings. Ho sold these when he retired aged 73 in 1955. Sadly he died in 1957.

The Royal Albert Cycling Club was not active from 1914 with the First World War and so many young men joining up. Mr John B Campbell restarted the club again in 1926 and for over 40 years were the club secretary and treasurer. The trustees of the Olympic Games awarded J B Campbell an Olympic Torch trophy in 1948; he also won many awards and built the club up to a very fine standard. His sons Jack and Charlie And Richard were all club members with Jack running the cycle club And mid week time trials and club Sunday cycle outings. Sadly Jack, Charlie, and Richard have now passed away but The Royal Albert Cycling Club's future is still bright with over 100 members in The Royal Albert Cycling Club. We also have a junior section of The Royal Albert, named The Clydesdale Colts with around 150 members to date.

J B Campbell's grandson's are all keen cyclists! The youngest, David Gold Campbell, racing and training down in yorkshire. The oldest grandson, Stuart B Campbell, is a keen mountain biker and a very experienced mountain climber having climbed above Everest base camp! Next is Douglas Campbell, his racing days now past, is still riding for general fitness, with grandson John Campbell playing a major part in The Royal Albert Cycling Club, taking the club out on Sunday club cycles and also getting people to join his Tuesday Night "JC's Chain Gang ". In May 2016, John also set up and started a road race named "The Jack Campbell Memorial Road Race". This is in memory of his late Dad, Jack Campbell. John himself raced this in 2017.

As a young man, Jack loved training over the road race course down near Leadhills In South Lanarkshire among the quiet roads and beautiful scenery and did so well into his 70 Years of age. Here's to the next 100 years for the Royal Albert Cycling Club And Clydesdale Colts with many dedicated club cyclists and strong committee members and enthusiastic club members.

The future is looking good for this great club.

John Campbell Junior.