Thank you for visiting Royal Albert Cycling Club, established in 1887 (although there is some debate around this as some records suggest 1882, more on that later), one of the oldest clubs on the U.K

RACC is based at Wellgate Street, Larkhall ML9 2AQ, where our old club house is based.

In the Summer Months our weekly official Club Rides are as follows:

  • Sundays - Weekly Club Run - 40 - 50 Miles - 9am Depart from the Club house
  • Tuesdays - JC's Chain Gang - 24 Miles - 6:30 from Bothwell Cross (across the road from the Bothwell Bridge Hotel)
  • Wednesdays - Club Confined 10 Mile TT Race - 7pm First Rider Off - Course will either be Brockets Brae or Canderside 10 Mile Course.
  • Thursdays - 2 Unofficial Club Rides with club members and potentially other clubs - 6:30 leaving from Station Bar in Carluke and 6:30 Leaving from Kaldis in Bargeddie. These are known as the Milk Run and Frankie Weavers respectively. Both runs are approximately 35 Mile.
  • Saturdays - Breakfast Club - 12:30pm (yes i know, I dont get it either??) at Tesco's in Lesmahagow.

Check Facebook below for the latest updates on all these runs just in case the weather gets in the way.

The Club also has our very successful Junior Section Called The Clydesdale Colts. Where we have 170 members.