Oficial Duties & Responsibilities

Chairman: Alan Kain

Assisting the committee with the managerial direction of the club Planning and running monthly committee meetings. Acting as spokesperson/figurehead if required to do so.

General Secretary: Celia Tennant

Supporting the administration of the club, Facilitating committee meetings including room hire, recording and circulating minutes of meetings. Dealing with club correspondence with other organisations.


Treasurer: John McPartlin

Manage the finances of the club on a regular basis. Pay bills and affiliation fees as they fall due, Bank income as it arises, Produce an annual budget to guide club spending over the year, Produce a set of annual accounts for approval at the club's AGM Provide financial support for secretaries of sporting disciplines and organisers of Open events, Make advanced payments for facilities and provide cash floats in advance of events, Settle levy payments directly with organising bodies, Check and audit organiser's income and expense report Provide support to Membership Secretary to collect and bank membership subscriptions in an efficient and orderly manner ' A computer with Internet access is essential for online banking. The treasurer should report on the state of the club's finances at each monthly committee meeting.

Club Coach’s

Support RACC/Colts club members in their desire to improve performance. Improve their personal knowledge base and encourage RACC/Colts members to Train appropriately And To The Best Of There Ability

Welfare Officer: John P Ryan

The responsibilities that come with this role are as follows: introduce themselves to any non adult riders; be aware of Club activities and understand that some people may find them too hard. In any case the Welfare Officer should be able to give advice from a thorough understanding of the child and vulnerable adult protection act. With an understanding of this act the webfare officer should know how, when and who to escalate any problems to that might occur.

Membership Secretary: John McPartlin

Responsibilities associated with this role include: processing and confirming new membership applications by replying to new members and welcome them aboard the Royal Albert Cycling Club and provide initial list of RACC events and promote Sunday club cycles

Press secretary: John Campbell

The weekly duties of the Press Secretary include collating inputs from members, editing those into a readable report, and emailing it out to the club and newspapers. The Press Secretary is always in need of good quality photographs and news of the membership in action. He or she may need to solicit input either generally or from club members known to have been undertaking some significant Cycle Challenge Or Race/Sportive event. The role suits someone who has a broad interest in Cycling.

Social Secretary: Tam McNeish

Main Duties for Social Secretary include: Co-managing the the clubs social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter Organising and co–ordinating social activities for club member’s Including Cycle Runs; Organising Weekend’s Away; After work social events; The Annual Dinner/ Presentation and the Christmas Lunch.

Club Kit Coordinator: John Campbell, Tanjeel Maleque

Set up and help members with online payment systems so members can pay directly to the online suppliers (Champion Systems). This allows club members to get their club kit delivered to their door without being picked up/dropped off by another club member.

Road Race Secretary: Paul Keoghan, Brian Muir

The role of the road race secretary is to promote road racing within the club and be the first point of contact for members interested in road racing. Ideally the road race secretary undertakes several duties as part of the role. Find an organiser for the club's open road race promotion and assist the organiser. Undertake road race skills sessions for those members interested in road racing and organise a member’s only race. Use the club web page and group email to promote racing within the club. Ensure club affiliations are registered. Be aware of racing members results and progress during the year, and co-ordinate team activity where possible.

Time Trial Secretary: Paul Keoghan

Submit Club Open Events to Scottish Cycling and attend AGM Plan Racc Club Evening Events Petition club members for potential timekeepers to cover Club And Open TT Events (Post to the Royal Albert TT fb page with results on a weekly basis – this feeds to the club website)

Track Race Secretary: Paul Keoghan

The role of the track secretary is to be the first point of contact for members interested in track cycling, and promote track cycling and racing within the club at every opportunity. They will update and use the club web page and group email to promote track cycling within the club. This will be during the winter for training and during the summer for racing, and cater for beginners to experts. They will be aware of racing members, their results, and progress during the year, and co-ordinate team activity where possible, particularly at the Scottish Track League Where possible, they are to arrange and co-ordinate outings to other velodromes and events. They are to liaise with the other secretaries where required to ensure track cycling is well represented and supported by Royal Albert Cycling

Website Administrator: Patrick Lafferty

Main purpose of The Role Is To be responsible for the development and supervision of Royal Albert Cycling Club Website And updating Website As Information / Photos / News ' Becomes Available Club Members To Play A Active Role In Keeping Website Administrator Up To Date With All Club Cycling Events ' Road Racing Track" Time Trials " Cycle Challenges Sunday Club Cycles eg

RACC Club Hut Coordinator: Alan Kain Celia Tennant John Campbell John Mcpartlin   Club Hut Caretaker: John Campbell Main Duties Is To Keep The Club Hut Clean' Neat ' Tidy' Order Coal For Club Fire Report Any Major Defects' Or Work That's Needed To Be Carried Out in The Club Hut '   Trophy Caretaker: John Campbell Main Duties Is To Keep A Note Of All Club Trophies Past And Present ' Take A Note Of All People Holding Club Trophies Up To Date' Collect All Trophies On A Yearly Basis ' To Get Trophies Engraved For Club Champions Prize Winners eg For The Annual Club Dinner Prize/Presentation